Brown is the new green.

And we've got the Earth-friendly brown bag to prove it.

See how Brown Bag Potatoes came to life.

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Brown Bag Potatoes Earth-friendly bag

Welcome to the future of potatoes.

At BBP, we come through for you. Our innovative ideas benefit you and the planet. We’ve been listening to what buyers and consumers want and that is – responsible, earth-friendly packaging.

Earth illustration with potato and bag friend
All-natural Earth icon


Recycle symbol icon

Longer shelf life

Compostable leaf icon

100% recyclable

Made of paper & vegetable matter

100% compostable

Reduced greening

It's in the bag.

Let's Break it Down.

Not only is our bag good for the environment (you can plant it and it will break down in 6 months!) but it’s good for the potatoes. Our brown bag keeps the spuds protected from light, unlike traditional plastic. Less light means less greening and the potatoes keep longer too.

The Future is Here.

As a buyer, you can feel good about providing an eco-friendly option that your customers are looking for and bringing an innovative product to the shelves that you and your boss can be proud of.


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