New Name, Same Great Company

When Vee’s Marketing was created in 1990 it was common for produce companies to use the word “marketing” in their names. But the term marketing has become synonymous with marketing companies known for creating websites, SEO, advertising and content creation. Because of this shift, Vee’s Marketing is becoming Vee’s Produce.

“We’re excited to update our company to be a more accurate reflection of who we are and what we do,” Vee’s Produce Owner and President, Jason Vee says about the change. He explains that the company’s identity has been viewed as a brokerage, meaning having the perception of strictly buying and selling products on the open market. But it’s actually much more than that. 

“Our business is changing, in that we are not just buying and selling products,” explains Vee. “We are also buying seed and packing materials. We have contractual agreements to sell whole crops and do year-round supply programs. We are not just a brokerage, we are a lot more than that.”

One of the main focuses of the new name launch is to bring attention to Vee’s Produce as a whole, focusing on the company’s services and making sure it is accurately represented. Emphasis on the brand is first and foremost the highest priority.

“We dove really hard into selling Brown Bag Potatoes over the last year,” Vee explains, “and we’ve been very successful at getting the BBP name out there. Now, we wanted to extend that success to the entire company.

As for customer impact, this new direction won’t change or affect current customers. “Our people know who we are and what we do,” Vee pointed out. “This is an opportunity to be more visible to the rest of the United States and Canada.”

Our business is changing…We are not just a brokerage, we are a lot more than that.

Jason Vee, vee’s marketing

As for logistics, Vee has been working with Swim Creative on getting help with the new logo and name launch. Contrary to what others may think, produce is a relatively complicated business and fine-tuning a company message can be an intricate process.

“Swim tasked me with explaining what my company is, what we do, and who we do it for. They have helped me get better at looking at my business from an outside perspective,” says Vee. “We have always been good at the mechanics of providing value to our customers. Now, we are getting even better with the messaging of who we are and what we do, so that we can expand our customer base.”

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