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About Vee’s

Over 20 Years In Business

Top-notch reputation for accountability and dependability

Our simple philosophy of dependable, low-profile business operations suits us, our vendors, and our customers. Our business growth is almost entirely by way of referral. Our well-organized and lean team makes for strong communication and genuine commitment to service.

We purchase yellowredwhite, and sweet onions from the most reputable onion shippers across North America. It is our policy to take care of our customers, shippers, and transportation providers equally.

We are proud of our history of providing our customers with high-quality onions on time and at competitive prices. We take care of our vendors by paying them quickly. We also take title of the product, and we work very hard to ensure onions are taken care of properly in transit and reach their destination on time.

Thank you to all of our customers, onion shippers, and transportation companies!

Meet the Team

In addition to our onion shippers and trucking partners, our team of professionals includes:

Photo of Angie Sapik

Angie Sapik

Onion Sales

Angie started her journey at Vee’s Produce in 2013 working part-time in the accounting department. Then she moved into freight management. Now she’s the main point of contact for all onion sales at Vee’s Produce. “How do know your plate is too full if you never fill it?” – Angie. 

Headshot of John Alstrup

John Alstrup

Potato Sales

John has been working with spuds in one way or another for all of his adult life. He was an owner of Hull Company in Big Lake, MN from 1996-2012.

Headshot of Raquel Alstrup

Raquel Alstrup

Potato Sales

Raquel joined the team in 2022 and shares an office with her husband, John. Together, they have become a substantial part of the potato supply chain in the Midwest.

Headshot of Tracy TePoel

Tracy TePoel

Accounting Manager

Besides being the most talented in-house accounting person Vee’s Produce could ask for, Tracy and her husband, John, also own and operate a reputable organic dairy farm in Maple, Wisconsin.

Photo of Michael Vespa

Michael Vespa

Freight Manager

Michael moved from the fitness industry to join our team as our lead freight manager in 2020. He got the Master Class in freight management by starting during the COVID pandemic, one of the most difficult times in freight and supply chain in our lifetime.  Michael also owns and operates his own online fitness company, Ruthless in Pursuit.

Candice Vee

New Business Development

Candice, married to Jason Vee, is the talent behind all of our travel and trade show activity. If it has anything to do with Vee’s Produce, and it looks good, Candice gets the credit. 

Jason Vee

Owner & President

Joined his father’s business in August 2007 after serving 4 years in the United States Marine Corps and earning a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from UW Madison.

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