We are proud to be members of the following organizations:

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US Licensed PACA Member
#20050213 – US Produce, Agriculture, Commodities Act

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Canadian Member DRC
#2379 – Canadian Dispute Resolution Council

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Our Good Delivery Standard

At Vee’s Produce, we follow the produce industry’s “Good Delivery Standard” using the following interpretation listed below. 

  1. Onions scoring 5% or more in the serious defects column do not make “Good Delivery.”
  2. Onions scoring 4% or less in the serious defects column do make “Good Delivery” unless they score 9% or more defects in the general defects column.
  3. Onions scoring 9% or more in the general defects column are out of grade, even if the defects do not score in the serious defects column.
  4. A shipper is entitled to a government inspection if they request it. Scoring by a federal inspector will be considered final.
  5. If the federal inspection is waived, the customer will have the right to deduct from the invoice a reasonable amount to cover shrink and any additional expense incurred as a result of sub-standard product. A settlement report from the customer detailing the deduction must be returned to Vee’s within 10 days of the trouble report being filed. Failure to produce a settlement report 30 days past the filing of the trouble report will void the claim making the file due as originally ordered.
  6. No invoice deduction will be allowed without a trouble report accompanying the short-pay invoices.
  7. If a federal inspection is taken and the onions “pass” score within “Good Delivery Standards” the following will apply:
    1. The customer will not be entitled to any deduction off the invoice.
    2. The customer will be liable to pay for the federal inspection.
  8. Vee’s Produce will attempt to moderate all claims (disputes) in a fair and unbiased position with equal rights being paid to both shipper and receiver.