Sustainable Solutions for a Happier World

One of the most important topics facing our world today is the subject of sustainability. In the arena of food production, this means making sure to minimize waste without sacrificing quality. 

Vee’s Produce Owner & President, Jason Vee, (with the help of potato expert, John Alstrup) is ensuring that Brown Bag Potatoes is doing just that.

“At first, we didn’t know anything about how to create sustainable packaging, but John went to work immediately to put the concept into motion,” Jason explains of how BBP came to be. “A lot went into this project, but it was key when we found the right consumer-packaging machine company as well as a paper company that was already working on compostable material for the bags.” 

After lining up the right vendors, Jason and John created the Brown Bag Potatoes brand and today, they’re filling grocery store shelves.

“Sustainable packaging is top of mind for a lot of retailers,” says Jason. “Many of them are committed to reaching specific benchmarks for sustainable packaging in 2023.” Meaning now is the perfect time to introduce sustainable and functional produce packaging options into multiple grocery chains across the midwest and beyond.

The feedback about Brown Bag Potatoes from produce professionals at conventions (where they can see and hold the bags) is very positive. And though other companies have attempted to create similar bags, many have fallen short due to the challenges that come with sustainable packaging. It’s not an easy process, but one that is well worth it.

Sustainable packaging is top of mind for a lot of retailers. Many of them are committed to reaching specific benchmarks for sustainable packaging in 2023.

-Jason vee, Vee’s produce

Jason is proud of Brown Bag Patotes for its durability, sustainability and commitment to quality. “Brown Bag Potatoes might sound ordinary,” Jason says, “but the bag is durable, eye-catching to the consumer, and helps solve a problem.” 

ZERO plastic is involved in the makeup of the bag and in turn, it breaks down in six months, reducing landfill waste.

From an environmental standpoint, the bags are made completely of compostable/recyclable paper. And even more intriguing is that the glue, ink and mesh window on the bags are all made from plant-based materials.

With a completely compostable bag, one might wonder if it affects the taste, quality or freshness of the potatoes themselves. And it does . . . in a good way.

“Our potatoes taste like delicious potatoes,” says Jason. “But even better is that our bag, compared to the standard plastic bags, protects the potatoes from fluorescent lights that cause them to turn green. Now, instead of needing to put them in a special drawer or bin, you can store them just about anywhere and keep them in the original bag.”

The takeaway? Sustainable packaging has many benefits and now is the time to consider planet-friendly products like Brown Bag Potatoes. 

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